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Hotels & Schools etc.

Top Notch Priority headache free services.

Classic Cleaners provide a comprehensive same day free collection and delivery to leading hotels, businesses and schools in the local area, providing all stationery with your organisation logo and laundry bags dispatched free of charge.

We know how big of an infrastructure and management headaches are hotels and schools. Since they have massive volumes of laundry related items to get cleaned such as curtains and bed sheets, we understand the priority and urgency of this.

Thus we provide a hassle free washing, cleaning and packing services. Not only that, but we also provide free pickup and delivery system with a proper procedure. Isn't that great when it comes to such big management infrastructure.

Following are the breakdown of a few services we provide to such institutes and businesses on regular basis:

  • Same day free collection and delivery
  • Free stationery provided with your organisation logo
  • Free laundry bags provided
  • Revenue opportunity on all items for hotels
  • Contribution of revenue to charity of choice for all schools participating
  • Free dry cleaning for duration of service to member of senior management