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Satisfactory Laundry

Providing the laundry services since more than 40 years, we have specialized in the techniques to provide the most immaculate dry cleaning service there is.

Dry Cleaning

Our state of the art machinery and workforce that puts in extra effort for you makes sure that every single piece of cloth looks as good as new.

Wedding Dresses

Knowing the complexity of wedding dresses and the cost and feelings invested into them, we make have special branch that just looks after the care and cleaning of wedding dresses.

Repairs & Alterations

If our clients want us to repair and fix their linen or cloth, we provide those services too. Infact, we make sure that there is no stain or tearing in the cloth even in pre-inspection of dry cleaning items.

Cleaning and Inspection

Before any sort of cleaning happens, we first analyze, mark and inspect whether there is a scuff or tear in the fabric and fortell the customer so that it does not cause them or us any problems in the future run.

On Demand Pick and Drop

Here at Classic Cleaners, we know how much your fabrics mean to you, thus, we package and safekeep them after they are cleaned for you, and you can pick them up whenever you feel like you want to. We also Pick and Drop if you need that sort of services.

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